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    Lianne La Swoon.

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    (x) John Boyega from Attack the Block and the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII sent some very confident sounding tweets today about a possible future with other Disney films in a specific franchise and even a specific character… Boyega (22) has been rumored to be playing T’Challa for over two years, but on a list of many other possible actors. Do you think he knows something we don’t know or maybe he’s just wishful-tweeting?

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    Black Girls Talking Episode 32

    We were delighted to have writer Bim Adewunmi join us for this episode to talk about the cringeworthy Straight Outta Compton casting call; Emmy nominations; Nurse Jackie and women anti-heroes; her Guardian cover story on Assata Shakur and more.

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    I so enjoyed doing this, and all of the black girls talking are wonderful. Listen, won’t you? Thanks.


  5. "A rumour went round that I was guilty of adultery - that I, Efuru, the daughter of Nwashike Ogene was guilty of adultery. My mother was not an adulterous woman, neither was her mother, why should I be different? Was it possible to learn to be left-handed at old age?"
    — From Efuru, by Flora Nwapa, 1966

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    'Are they not a queer lot? To come all this way to swim and fish here.'

    'They are strange people. They come every time to fish, but they catch nothing.'

    'How can they catch anything when they do not observe the rules of the woman of the lake. And look at their boats, how can they catch anything in such noisy boats. Fish swim away from then, and besides they disturb the woman of the lake with their boats.'

    'You forget, my friend, that our woman of the lake is the kindest of women, kinder to strangers than to her own people. She is very understanding. She knows that the white people are strangers to our land, and that is why she is lenient with then. We, her people, dare not be so disrespectful.'

    'Why do the white women wear right dresses for swimming? Why don’t they use wrapped as our women do? They have no shame; they do not know that they are naked.’

    'You are right. But what beats me is their idleness. How can they leave the comfort of their homes in the big towns and come to swim all day in the lake?'

    — A conversation between Nwosu and Igwe, two Igbo men, taken from Efuru, by Flora Nwapa, 1966

  7. "

    Nwosu and the fisherman could now vaguely remember the story of the cannons told them by their fathers. The white slave dealers gave the people the cannons in exchange for slaves. The white slave dealers were the Portuguese, the English or the French. The people regarded them as white men , their nationality did not make any difference, they were all the same. The white slave dealers have them the cannons, the guns and the hot drinks.

    The cannons were owned by very distinguished families who themselves took part actively in slave dealing. They were distinguished because they were privileged to have had contact with the slave dealers.

    Now, the shooting of the cannon did not only announce the death of a great man, but also announced that the great man’s ancestors had dealings with the white men, who dealt in slaves.

    — From Efuru, by Flora Nwapa, 1966

  8. "But then what could she do? Her husband was good to her. He had never beaten her. In fact he had never been deliberately unkind to her. Her husband had no other wife, and her mother-in-law was dead years ago. So nobody molested her. What molested her was poverty."
    — From Efuru, by Flora Nwapa, 1966

  9. "Efuru was growing logical in her reasoning. She thought it unusual for women to be logical. Usually intuition did their reasoning for them."
    — From Efuru, by Flora Nwapa, 1966