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    me when I get home and take off my bra after a long ass day.



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    naomi campbell @ dior haute couture f/w 2005

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    Brad Pitt in 1994

    basically my ovaries. I was 14. I had no chance. No chance in hell.

    my bestie’s crush

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    1928 newlyweds

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  6. "Do stuff. Be clenched, curious. Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead. Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention. Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. Stay eager."
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    "Corn Flakes Series” by Bobby Grossman, feat: Debbie Harry, David Johansen, David Byrne, Andy Warhol.

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  8. Anonymous asked: Gender bent Fraiser...I would be all over that



    A retired cop mother who had been shot for trying to prevent a 7/11 robbery. Two genius sisters whose lineage of lovers is not seen as slutty, but just rather comical. Bitter creepy ex husbands. A woman who choose her career over than being a stay at home mom! I think Roz would work really well as a gay man. AND LETS NOT FORGET ABOUT THAT ADORABLE MANCHESTER MAID/PHYSICAL THERAPIST who goes on tangents about his Grammy Moon. And female Niles constantly trying to grab his ass

    Ooh and the both speak in quasi British accents because they are so pretentious!!

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